City of Coral Springs Collective Bargaining Agreement

Yes. You can visit for more information. The agreements are part of a contract between FOP I, law enforcement officers and FOP II, which exists between sergeants and lieutenants. FOP union members agreed on the two agreements on 11 and 12 December. The newly approved contract runs until September 30, 2024. The city commission ratified two collective agreements between the Fraternal Order of Lodge 87 of the Fraternal Order of Police of Coral Springs and the city at its meeting Wednesday. The Commission voted unanimously in favour of the agreements. We will contact you by phone or email within 60 days of submitting the application. You do not need to contact us to check if your request has been received. If you have not heard from us within 4 weeks of the date you submitted your application, please send an email to with your name and the date you applied and a police representative will respond. According to City documents, group insurance members will have the same employee contribution rates, reflecting an 80 to 2020 cost-sharing target that the City has by 2023.

The fastest way is to email your questions to A recruiter will quickly review and answer your questions. If you would like to be contacted by phone, send an email to your name, phone number and at the best time you can be reached No, we do not accept cross-transfers. However, we offer a salary departure higher than the base salary for experienced agents. Those hired with 1 to 2 years of sworn experience begin with Stage 3 ($62,424) of the collective bargaining wage plan and those with 2 or more full years of sworn experience begin with Stage 5 ($64,945) of the established salary plan. The commission thanked the police and FOP members for their hard work and commitment to the city. They stressed that despite COVID and budget deficits, they appreciate the talks, negotiations and hard work. Please email if you have a question that is not covered here. “Having this contract approved by you 100% makes all the difference in the world,” said Police Chief Clyde Perry.

“It sends a strong message to the men and women in my ministry that you support them.” Yes, you can apply. There are some steps that must be taken to update/activate your certification. The process may vary slightly depending on individual circumstances. Please visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website in for more information on this. Coral Springs FOP is committed to serving the community through charitable initiatives and exclusive events, important information and frequent updates! Stay up to date with Coral Springs Lodge #87 by joining our mailing list below. The Coral Springs Police Department only hires law enforcement interns who are ready to become law enforcement officers immediately after successfully completing the police academy. Other changes to the contract include pension buyback periods and group insurance rates. Members no longer have to wait ten years to redeem time, and all members can redeem five years.

To become a law enforcement officer in the state of Florida, you must obtain equivalency for certification. Under the law, criminal justice employment agencies are responsible for reviewing the employment and training of non-state or federal officials to first determine eligibility for the exemption. To obtain equivalency for certification by the Coral Springs Police Department, you must have an active application with our agency. To complete an application, click here. To learn more about the Florida Department of Law Enforcement`s requirements for public servants outside the state of Florida who wish to obtain certification in Florida, please visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website at Salaries for law enforcement officers and law enforcement interns are non-negotiable. However, we offer two levels above the base salary for officers hired with 1-2 years of sworn experience in law enforcement and four steps above the base salary for public servants with 2 full years or more of experience in law enforcement under oath. You do not need to attend the Police Academy if you successfully obtain the above equivalence for certification. The first step in the process is to complete an online application for interest. In addition to the online application, please do not submit documents until you have been specifically invited to do so. Yes, the Coral Springs Police Department General Order 65 clearly defines our guidelines for tattoos, piercings and other similar physical changes.

All applicants must read the General Order and sign a compliance confirmation note as part of the application process. Note: At the discretion of the administration, a law enforcement intern may be required to work in the department for a limited period of time before attending the Academy. This is done specifically to provide additional training and exhibits to ensure that the trainee is best placed to attend Police Academy No. To be sponsored by the Coral Springs Police Department, you must be hired as a law enforcement intern. The Coral Springs Police Department only sponsors its own employees. We accept applications as needed. If vacancies are available, they will be posted in the employment section of the City`s website. The only way to get a hiring consideration is to get an official application in response to an official job posting.

Applications, curriculum vitae and other additional application documents submitted without being requested by the Ministry or in response to an official job board will be destroyed. In addition, public servants must call patients at least one hour before the start of the shift. According to Glenn Matonak, president of Lodge 87, it was the fop practice that the contract codified. The Law Enforcement Trainee position is designed for candidates who meet the training requirements of the Coral Springs Police Department but do not have the experience to automatically qualify as a law enforcement officer. In addition, the Law Enforcement Intern position offers candidates who have served 2 years in the military and earned at least 60 college credits the opportunity to become sworn law enforcement officers. CjBAT, swimming and physical agility are offered by the Broward College Criminal Justice Institute. .

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