Lexisnexis Partnership Agreement

LexisNexis, the global legal information provider, recently announced a new partnership agreement with Microsoft, which is set to revolutionize the way legal firms access and manage legal information.

The partnership agreement will see LexisNexis offer its legal content and search capabilities on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, providing users with access to a vast range of legal information and tools.

The move is expected to bring numerous benefits to legal professionals, including enhanced speed and efficiency in searching for legal information, as well as the ability to collaborate with colleagues and clients more effectively.

As part of the agreement, LexisNexis will also be integrating Microsoft`s AI and machine learning technology into its platform, enabling users to benefit from cutting-edge analytics and insights.

This is a significant development for the legal industry, as it is the first time that Microsoft has entered into a partnership agreement with a legal information provider.

According to Jeff Pfeifer, VP of Product Management at LexisNexis, the partnership is a testament to the company`s commitment to providing its customers with the most innovative and effective tools available.

“We are excited to be partnering with Microsoft to bring our customers the best of both worlds – powerful, reliable legal content and the latest in cloud and AI technology,” said Pfeifer.

The partnership agreement is expected to have a major impact on the legal industry, as it will enable lawyers and legal professionals to access and manage legal information more efficiently than ever before.

If you are a legal professional looking to streamline your workflow and enhance your access to legal information, then the LexisNexis partnership with Microsoft may be the perfect solution for you. Contact LexisNexis today to learn more about this exciting new development and how it can benefit your practice.

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